— Navrasa

Sketch (UI)

Dr. Gary Flake established Microsoft Live Labs in January 2006. The innovative web technologies and products developed at LL heavily influenced internal products across Microsoft.

LL instituted processes around in-house incubation and promotion of new ideas that were culled from the confluence of the brightest minds in research, engineering and design. Startup Factory, as it was called, was my primary motivation to join Live Labs. This opportunity to seed an idea and nurture it through to a robust product, has been one of the best work experiences I have had to date.


Manaus (Post purchase product life cycle management service) was a Microsoft Live Labs Startup Factory project. I engaged marketing and research to identify user demographics and their particular needs. Worked with the project leads to drive team brainstorming, refinement of product goals, scenario development, task flows and feature prioritization. These sketches above show a few pre/post-login landing experiences.

SF was dissolved among other organizational changes at Live Labs as Microsoft braced up for long term impacts of US economy recession on the company.

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